Marching into March!

We marched into March today enjoying the warmer temperatures and a wonderful opportunity to go outside and play. We had so much fun that when our teachers told us that we need to start to pack away to go inside, many of us told them that we were still playing. Of course we helped tidy […]


Welcome Emily and “old” friends

It was a wonderful day with the sun shining and many children in attendance. We also saw all of our teachers today and welcomed them back to Ohana with hugs and happy faces. We love having our new friend Emily at our school and she spent the day enjoying the classroom with its many toys […]


Boxes are still the best toys

Welcome back Gento kun! It was such a beautiful day today and so warm. When we went to the park, our teachers took our warm sweaters off so that we would not “over heat” and we had a great time. We ran and climbed and sat on the swing and played with balls and invited […]