Ohana International School in Tokyo
Address: Fuetsu Motoazabu Building, 3-12-36 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046 JAPAN
Email: Ohana.International.Sch@gmail.com

Our Tokyo preschool is based on three floors, which include separate classrooms for the younger and older children, an office and reception area, space for tutoring and after-school classes, and an MPR with huge free play space and climbing wall.

It is located between 7 and 10 minutes walk from Azabu Juban station Exit 4. It is located in the one way street, coming towards Azabu Juban, that is parallel to Azabu Juban Shotengai – Max game is on the one corner.

Security cameras to monitor all entrances and exits are installed in the building. Classroom doors remain locked during school hours and all children are monitored closely at all times. Nannies, babysitters, or relatives collecting children are required to show school-issued identification.