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  • 30
    Oct 2014
    Vegetable skeletons and mikan pumpkins

    Today was a day of cooking. Yesterday it was a day of taiko and today we were a little more sedate and sat and cooked and prepared food for Halloween. When we arrived, our large activity table was filled with vegetables, plates, plastic knives, platters and more. Hisami showed us a picture of a skeleton […]

  • 30
    Oct 2014
    Popcorn ghosts and pinatas

    30 October – Daily Journal We had a new toy on the carpet this morning which Buds gravitated to a lot in the morning. It’s a large wooden boat and has lots of animals in it. Buds had fun pulling out all the different animals and putting them on and around the boat. Some Buds […]

  • 30
    Oct 2014
    Trick or Treat Gifts for our Friends

    Had lots of orange and black activities lined up today to prepare for our Halloween party tomorrow morning. On the main table were many orange and black beads along with some black string. We used the orange and black beads to make a special secret Halloween present for our mommies or daddies. We arranged the […]


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After School Classes

From 3 years old


Welcome to Ohana International School, an inclusive Tokyo preschool with a difference, located in Motoazabu 3 chome, and catering for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. It is one of the few preschools in greater Tokyo where the owners are the actual teachers in the classroom, every day.

When you enroll your child in Ohana International School in Tokyo, you are immediately welcomed as a member of Ohana family. We aim to create a warm, caring environment that reflects our philosophy and at the same time provides an infinite number of opportunities for children to develop a “love of learning.” Our learning programme is designed to build on the strengths of each child, valuing families and their ethnicity as well as everyone’s contribution to the school. We honor the uniqueness of each child and his or her faith, religion, family, and culture.

We run a wide range of programs, both full- and half-day; and before- and after-school care is also available. After-school tutoring is available for children enrolled in our regular program or enrolled in other schools. We have recently started a Me & My Mom program on three mornings per week, and we run popular After-School Classes in Phonics and Literacy, and Art, Design, and Technology. And of course, there is our Summer School!

The owners of Ohana International School in Tokyo are experienced educators who believe in developing the whole child. Shelley Sacks and Darren Winney have a combined 40 years of experience in teaching, especially in Early Childhood Education, in countries including South Africa, Australia, the UK, Taiwan, and Japan.

Please visit our new mobile and tablet friendly website at: www.schoolintokyo.com

Ohana International School in Tokyo — Where children bloom and friendships flourish.